YOTZJ750 Speed Regulating Hydraulic Coupler Ahead Deceleration Box

The combination of fixed pipe and inlet regulation is adopted to adjust the speed, which has the advantages of starting with load, overload protection, isolating torsional vibration, reducing impact, stepless speed regulation, fast and no impact clutch, etc. It is the most ideal speed regulation transmission device for "electric oil replacement" transformation of mud pump and drilling machine's main drive system.

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Product Details

Specification of YOTZJ750

The electric motor coupling power unit is driven by electric motors and makes full use of power grid resources, which realizes the electric driving transformation of traditional mechanical drilling machine, reduces drilling cost, improves economic benefits, effectively reduces drilling noise, and has no exhaust emission, thus greatly improving the working environment. The unit is powered by a high-power electric motor, and users can make full use of cheap grid power resources to reduce the drilling cost by 30% ~ 45%. It is especially suitable for areas with long drilling cycles, complicated geological conditions, inconvenient transportation and concentrated well locations.

Hydraulic Coupler Ahead Deceleration Box.jpg

Technical parameterInput RPM6001500 r/min
Power ange3001200 kW
Rated slip3%
Rated efficiency96%
Reduction ratio1.13.3
Speed range1/3