The memorable days of development

In 1920, the entrepreneur Teng Huchen founded Huafeng Machine Factory in Weixian, Shandong province, that was the forerunners of Jichai. In 1931, the first 15 horsepower diesel engine was born in Huafeng, and then manufactured 8 to 25 horsepower diesel engine, Huafeng was one of the earliest diesel engine manufacturers in China. In 1940, the Japanese invaders moved the factory form Weixian to Jinan.

Teng huchen (1883 ~1958), founder of the factory, was a famous national industrial entrepreneur in China modern times. He was elected a delegate attending the first National People's Congress and a member of the Shandong provincial people's committee. 

In September, 1948, after the liberation of Jinan City, the Jinan Military Control Commission, which belonged to the East China Military and Political Commission, took over the factory. With simple equipment, the factory produced a great mass of military supplies, which helped a lot in China's war of liberation and Korean War.


Give energetic support to agriculture

In 1953, the factory was formally named Jinan Diesel Engine Factory. During the first and second five-year plans of the state, Jichai undertook the task of supporting key construction projects and agriculture, the factory developed 160 types, 90~240 horsepower diesel engine and gas engine, and 28 horsepower tractor. Accumulated production of various types of engines more than 5200 sets.

In 1959 and 1961, Predecessor of proletarian revolution Zhu De inspected Jichai twice. 

In 1956, according to the State Council’s demand, Jichai diesel engines were equipped in Shigatse, lighting the first electric lamp for Tibet.

In 1960, a nationwide upsurge in agricultural support was set off, the achievements made by Jichai in agricultural support and technological innovation were highly appraised by the party and the government

In 1963, Jichai 160 series diesel engines were exported to Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and other countries.


Give energetic support to oil industry

China’s oil industry had been achieved a leapfrog development in the 1960s. In 1964, Jichai was allocated to the Ministry of Petroleum Industry, and became the special power equipment manufacturing & overhauling base for the oil industry.

In 1965, Jichai successfully developed a 12V190 high power diesel engine, which filled in gaps of national oil-drilling power. In 1988, Jichai produced the first high power gas engine in China. Over 30 years, 190 series diesel engine has occupied more than 90% market share of oil-drilling power and made a great contribution to the national oil industry.


Advance into the big market

Jichai not only meets the development needs of the oil industry but also strives to provide high-quality products and services to domestic and foreign users. Jichai products developed from oil to community, from land to ocean, from civilian goods to military, become general power products widely used in oil drilling, mining locomotives, engineering machinery, naval ships, fishing boats, and other fields.

In 1985, the 190 series diesel engine was export for the first time.

In 1992, Vice-chairman of the central military commission Liu Huaqing visit the factory, made the important directions for the modification of the warship engine.

In 1992, the 190 series warship diesel generator sets were successfully equipped with naval vessels.

In 1992, the 190 series diesel engines were first used in the locomotive power market.

In 1995, the 190 series diesel engine successfully accessed the fisher boat market.

In 1997, Jichai diesel engines were settled in Zhongnanhai.


Build new Jichai

Into the new century, Jichai innovate development ideas, makes clear company product positioning, develop goal and marketing strategy, point out the direction of rapid development for the company.

Jichai looks to the future, creates international advanced, domestic first-class new Jichai. In November 2006, Jichai new factory was officially completed and put into operation, opening a new chapter of innovative development of enterprises. Facing the challenges, we will never forget our original intention, forge ahead with perseverance, and strive to create a new situation for building a world-class power equipment manufacturing enterprise!

In 2008, the biggest power 260 engine of China's independent brand was successfully developed in jichai.

In 2009, the west-south oil and gas field Chengdu compressor factory reorganization under Jichai.

In 2009, signed an agreement with MAN of Germany to develop high-power gas engines.

In 2010,authorized by SAIC and CNPC, the company officially changed its name to CNPC Jichai Power Equipment Company.

In 2014, 320 Marine diesel engines entered the marine engine market.

In 2017, Jichai obtained the weapons and equipment quality management system certification, with the ability of military production and service of internal combustion engines.

In 2017, The maximum power of the domestic high-speed reciprocating compressor set which independently developed by Jichai passed the national acceptance inspection

In 2018, the new generation 175 series high-performance engines put into mass production.


Aggressive and initiative

Keep forward with keen determination and self - discipline

"Enterprising" is the characteristic of Jichai. Enterprising is a positive status, is the cornerstone of the promotion and breakthrough, is the guarantee of enterprise eternal vitality. Only by keeping a positive and enterprising spirit and constantly striving for self-improvement, can jichai continuously obtain competitive advantages and remain invincible.