Jichai Service

Jichai receives and processes service information 7*24 hours, responds quickly to customers' technical service requirements, and successfully solved. Carry out marketing work in accordance with the new service model, so that users can fully enjoy the full range of services in the overall solution, technical training, installation and commissioning, maintenance and transportation, parts storage, troubleshooting, overhaul, and other aspects. Each professional team in the service area provides users with the whole process, round-the-clock "nanny" type service.

Carry out integrated OEM, equipment leasing, power station operation, integrated services, and other marketing service models, to provide power for your success.

Equipment leasing: joint leasing, long-term leasing, short-term leasing.

Power station transportation guarantee: equipment maintenance, regular maintenance, long-term transportation guarantee.

Integrated services: project consultation, scheme design, equipment commissioning, spare parts supply, equipment overhaul, complete engine, and parts remanufacturing.

Remote monitoring: The large-scale power station remote online monitoring and fault diagnosis system developed by Jichai 

can automatically collect engine running parameters through the internet and make an online diagnosis on the engine, which improves the running quality and working efficiency of the engine and provides a reliable guarantee for users' safe use.