140 Series (350kw)

Compressor front premix

Gas and air are mixed in front of the compressor, and the gas inlet pressure is required to below;

Long mixing distance between gas and air and uniform mixing

Electronic ignition controller

Ignition advance Angle adjustment

Air-fuel ratio control

The Woodward EGS Trim system is adopted to realize the air-fuel ratio control

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Product Details

Specification of 140 Series

Jichai series 140 engine is a high-performance, high-speed engine developed by Jichai in cooperation with AVL with all intellectual property rights,It has the feature of high pressure, low energy consumption, high reliability, long - life, meets the TIER2 and European Ⅲ emission standards,it is widely used in oil vehicle drilling rigs, oil specials, wellsite generator sets, mobile power stations or backup power sources, construction machinery, trucks and other fields. Each technical index achieves the international advanced level, the domestic leading level of 5-10 years.

ModelCylinders&ArrangementCylinders bore, mmPiston Stroke, mmRated power,kWRPM,r/minTotal piston displacement, LHeat consumption rate kJ/kW.hLub. oil consumption g/kW.h
JC15D/T6 cylinders, in-line140165350150015.24100000.35
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