2000 Series (600KW)

Product Features:

Pressure diaphragm type air-fuel ratio regulation technology, imported mixer

WOODWARD company controller

Magneto ignition

Spark plug, high voltage coil

Diaphragm mixer

Inlet pressure: 0.8 ~ 1.4 bar

Natural gas, oil field associated gas

It is mainly used in natural gas power generation and oil field drilling power field.

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Product Details

Specification of 2000 Series

According to order No. 17 of the Ministry of Petroleum Industry (82), Jichai started the research and development of a high-power turbocharged natural gas engine in 1982. From 1984 to 1988, three prototype tests were carried out in the laboratory and 10,000 hours of industrial tests were carried out in Shengli Oilfield. It passed the national appraisal on October 12, 1988, and the type of the appraisal machine is 600kW/ 1000R /min externally mixed supercharged high-power gas engine. After years of continuous improvement, the products have been serialized and widely used in various oil fields and gas applications, which have brought great economic benefits.

India Gas Engine for Compressor .jpg

ModelCylinders&ArrangementCylinders Bore,mmPiston Stroke,mmRated Power,kWRPM,r/minTotal Piston Displacement,LHeat Consumption RatekJ/kW.hLub. oil consumption g/kW.h
12V190ZDT1-212 cylinders V type190210600100071.5113861.0
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