Acoustic Canopy(one meter 85dB )

Structural design description:

The internal space is divided into two spaces: engine room  and control room, and inspection channels on both sides of the equipment inside the engine room.

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Product Details

Functional description:

1)The container is equipped with a distribution box to provide power to all low-voltage loads in the engine room, such as horizontal radiator fans, control screens, lighting, exhaust (supply) fans (for horizontal distribution), chargers, electric heating (optional), oil pumps, electric heating (optional), and outdoor searchlights. It can also be responsible for controlling related equipment (according to project configuration requirements);

2)Two track suspension beams and a hoist are installed on the top of the engine room, with a lifting capacity of 0.5 tons per beam;

3)Inlet of engine air filter and the engine room are equipped with electric heating devices to avoid freezing and blockage (optional);

4)The floor of the machine room is equipped with an axial drive mechanism for the generator, which enables the generator to detach from the coupling by 200mm. (Optional)

5)If the indoor heating temperature in the machine room is not lower than 5 ℃, an insulation layer needs to be installed under the chassis of the machine room, and electric heating heaters (optional) are used inside the machine room;

6)One explosion-proof acoustic and visual alarm lamp is installed outside each machine room. The lighting inside the machine room is an explosion-proof LED lamp with emergency function. Other equipment and boxes do not need to be explosion-proof (optional).

7)Ladder: Install a simple ladder at a suitable position on the box;

8)Configure the fire protection system in the machine room: Install dry powder fire extinguishers as fire extinguishing devices (standard), and other flame detectors, methane leak detectors, smoke detectors, etc. as optional options;

9)The machine room requires a silent type, with 85dB at 1m.

10)Note: The specific configuration shall be subject to the actual situation of the project.

Application case:

Acoustic Canopy(one meter 85dB )

Acoustic Canopy(one meter 85dB )

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