190 Series (500KW-1600KW)

Product feature:

100% independent intellectual property rights

International mainstream Control Technology (EGS Engine Intelligent Management System)

International advanced air-fuel ratio control technology (TECJET air-fuel ratio automatic regulation)

Large flow and high boost intake systems can adapt to a wide range of concentration variations (30%-60% methane concentration)

Low-pressure intake and rarefied combustion control technology (suitable for low pressure gas, better emission)

Advanced Genset management module (IG-NT automatic synchronization and automatic load distribution)

Online maintenance technology (continuous trouble-free operation time more than 2500 hours)

Digital monitoring technology (full monitoring of engine thermal parameters and unit electrical parameters)

Distributed energy system (electric-thermal system, electric-hot-cold system)

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Product Details

Specification of 190 Series

In cooperation with the WOODWARD Company of the United States, A kind of pre-supercharger hybrid gas engine has been developed by using the internationally advanced external gas mixing method, advanced electronic control technology, and rarefied combustion control strategy, with high-cost performance and good control and reliability. This series of products have been sold well at home and abroad since they were put on the market in 2005, and have achieved good benefits for customers.

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Engine modelCylinders & ArrangementCylinder bore,mmPiston stroke,mmRated power,kWRPM,r/minTotal Piston Displacement,LHeat consumption rate kJ/kW.hLub. Oil Consumption Rate g/kW.hStart mode

 12 cylinders

V type

190210550100071.5≤11000≤0.8Electrical Starting

16 cylinders

V type

215120097.53≤9500≤0.6Electric/ Air starting

20 cylinders

V type

2551600144.6≤9000≤0.6 Air startin
Genset modelEngine modelAlternator model Power kWRPM,r/minRated voltageVFrequency HzPower factorDimension mmWeight kg
500GF-NG12V190ZLDZ-21FC Series5001000400500.86195×2200×275113800
700GF1-ZG12V190ZLDZ4-2JFG Series7001000105006195×2200×275113800
1000GF-ZH16V190ZLZ-21FC Series100010004005930×2180×254521000
1000GF9-ZH16V190ZLZ-2JFG Series10001000105006198×2180×254523000
1500GF-ZL20V190ZLZ-2JFG Series1500100063009093×3786×278628000

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