YBLT900 Torque Converter

(1) The large zero moment coefficient and high transmission efficiency can improve the working efficiency of the drilling machine.

(2) To reduce or even eliminate the impact on the diesel engine and rig transmission parts, improve the service life.

(3) When the rig is stuck or overloaded, the diesel engine will not shut off.

(4) Even if the engine is running at full speed, the working mechanism of the rig (rotary table and drilling pump) can be operated for a long time at low speed by changing the amount of oil-filled by the torque converter.

(5) With the change of external load, the torque converter automatically adjusts the output speed and torque without interruption of output power.

(6) When the load of the working mechanism is small or equal to zero, the diesel engine operates at a low speed, and the torque converter automatically realizes the minimum or zero oil filling at the same time, thus reducing the power loss.

(7) Exquisite structure arrangement, reliable work, long service life, easy installation and maintenance.

(8) Good cooling effect, working oil will not overheat.

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Product Details

Specification of YBLT900 Torque Converter

The hydraulic torque converter is a flexible transmission device installed between the power machine (such as diesel engine and electric motor) and the working machine (such as a winch, rotary table, and drilling pump), using mineral oil as the working medium and transmitting power of the power machine to the working machine.YBLT900 hydraulic torque converter is a centrifugal turbine torque converter with a charging and adjusting valve and its working chamber diameter is 900mm.It is compatible with G12V190PZL (or CAT3512) diesel engines and is mainly used on oil rigs.

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Technical specificationMaximum input speed1500 r/min
Maximum input power810kW
Maximum input moment6.5k Nm
Maximum output moment38.0 km
Peak efficiency85±2%
Cavity diameter900 mm 
Fuel supply pressure0.3~0.47 MPa
Operating oil temperature≤110℃
Net quality2100kg
Overall dimension (length × width × height)1330×950×1073 mm
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