Marine diesel generator electronic control system

2020/11/11 16:08

Diesel generator has been widely used in various fields such as national economic construction because of its wide power coverage, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and convenient use and maintenance. However, with the world energy crisis, environmental pollution, and the increasing requirements for the automation level of power plants, higher requirements are placed on the performance of diesel engines, and the advantages of diesel engines are also challenged. In order to solve these problems, engineers in the diesel engine industry have taken various measures, but the solution to the problem is to adopt integrated electronic control technology. At present, the level of electronic control technology has become an important indicator to measure the advanced nature of diesel engines and the main measures to improve the core competitiveness of diesel engines.

At present, the ship's power is still dominated by diesel engines, and the electronic control system is an important accessory product for diesel engines. The main problems are: (1) lack of brand products with independent intellectual property rights, products rely on imports for a long time; (2) system integration The ability is weak, and key technologies and core equipment are subject to people; (3) products and technologies are increasingly not adapted to the requirements of new norms and new standards, and need to be upgraded and updated; (4) high-end equipment development is still blank.