The natural gas engine

2021/09/26 14:08

The natural gas engine is a spark-plug ignition engine fueled via natural gasoline. the natural gas power generation unit cancels the diesel engine's fuel device, provides an air and natural gas mixing machine and ignition machine; cancels the authentic velocity manipulate machine, and makes use of an digital governor.

Further, safety and explosion-proof measures were bolstered. the general format of a natural fuel generator set is basically similar to that of a diesel engine. after the fresh air is purified by using the air filter, it is blended with gas inside the mixer, and then the stress is expanded by way of the turbocharger compressor, after which despatched to the intercooler, so that the temperature of the combined gas is reduced, and the density is increased. it's miles sent to each cylinder via the consumption pipe. the mixer is established in the front of the supercharger. the electronic governor is connected to the butterfly valve after boosting (after boosting and inter cooling) through a lever and controls the outlet of the mixer butterfly valve in keeping with the crankshaft velocity sign collected by way of the sensor to change the engine pace and operating situations for this reason.