Energy storage project x2! The Yecheng Electrochemical Energy Storage Project is officially connected to the grid for power generation

2023/12/28 22:39

On November 3rd, news came from Yecheng, Kashgar, Xinjiang that the company's 125 MW/500 MWh electrochemical energy storage system, which was applied to the first market photovoltaic grid connected power generation project in the Tarim Oilfield, has successfully connected to the grid.


The market photovoltaic grid connected power generation project in Tarim Oilfield is one of the first key projects in the overall deployment of "clean substitution, strategic succession, and green transformation" by the group company. After completion, the annual power generation will be 917 million kilowatt hours, which can meet the needs of 350000 households for one year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 611600 tons per year, equivalent to replacing 280000 tons of standard coal. It plays a good promoting role in local wind and sand fixation, energy conservation and emission reduction, and environmental improvement.


 The energy storage products designed and manufactured by the company this time fully consider the environmental factors of the project construction site, and adopt a targeted "walk-in" energy storage system. At the same time, the sealing of the battery compartment is strengthened to cope with problems such as large sandstorms and temperature differences in desert, semi desert, and Gobi regions.

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The electrochemical energy storage system applied in the Tarim Oilfield this time is the largest single energy storage project under construction by the company in recent years, and it is also an important step taken by the company in building a unique energy equipment product chain system manufacturing integration and comprehensive service provider.

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