PetroChina Company Limited Shandong Sales Branch visited Jichai

2022/03/30 17:16

On March 18, Shang Bojun, Secretary of the Party Committee of PetroChina Company Limited Shandong Sales Branch, and his party visited the company, and the The two sides exchanged views on further strengthening cooperation. Zhou Jie, executive director and secretary of the party committee, and Miao Yong, general manager and deputy secretary of the party committee, attended the discussion

In 2020, in order to implement the deployment of CNPC company for improving quality and efficiency,give full play to the advantages of specialization and promote the development of their respective enterprises, the company and PetroChina Company Limited Shandong Sales Branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement focusing on the development of gas distributed power generation market.

In this exchange, the two sides reviewed the achievements since the cooperation,exchanged in-depth views on further strengthening the cooperation in the market, such as urban combustion power generation and BOG utilization

The two parties reached an agreement that they will expand the breadth and depth of cooperation in the future, expand the market development area, jointly build a demonstration project of urban combustion power generation in the province, and help the CNPC company to become a world-class enterprise

Xu Chuanguo, deputy general manager of the company, deputy chief engineer, and relevant leaders and business personnel of both parties participated in the discussion